Drug Lawyer

Drug charges swamp the court system. As a drug lawyer from a firm like Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law can explain, drug charges come in many different varieties: A small amount of one drug could lead to felony charges in the same quantity for another drug. Top rated criminal attorneys will understand the nuances of the various classifications of drugs, and will be prepared to assist you with defending you in drug charge cases.

Marijuana Charges

Marijuana is one of the most common drugs in the United Sates. The odor of marijuana, (at least the alleged odor) has led to more probable cause searches of vehicles than any other drug. However, there’s one problem: The odor of weed could very well be the odor of hemp. Hemp is legal in most jurisdictions. This can make your situation extremely complicated, because law enforcement may well be basing their search on the odor of a legal substance.

Experienced criminal attorneys will tell you the importance of knowing your rights and the substance in your possession when stopped. If it’s legal, sometimes it’s better to tell them it is up front, which very well could eliminate their probable cause to search you or your vehicle.

Cocaine Charges

Cocaine is a higher class drug that comes in multiple varieties, but typically it’s either cocaine or crack cocaine – also referred to in the court system as cocaine base and cocaine hydrochloride.

Your criminal defense attorneys understand the nuances of these criminal drug charges, and will also know how important it is to differentiate between the two. Some defendants ask whether the court will separate the drug from the other substances that they’re mixed with. Unfortunately, most drug trafficking and drug statutes apply to any combination of illegal substances and legal substances. For instance if you have 1 gram of cocaine with 27 grams of baking soda, unfortunately, that can be charged as 28 grams of cocaine. It’s important to be mindful of this if you have any involvement with illegal drugs, because your possession case could turn into a drug trafficking case rather quickly.

Heroin Charges

Heroin charges are lead to some of the most hefty punishments in the criminal justice system. If you are dealing with heroin charges, only a couple of grams can lead to drug trafficking charges as well. Heroin / Opium involves drugs of a very high level drug classification. Fentanyl and other related drugs fall under these same laws and these laws tend to punish far more than any other type of drug. Our criminal attorneys understand the nuances of drug trafficking charges and will help you.

Help My Record to get Expunged

When it comes to understanding drug charges, you need to speak with an experienced criminal attorney. Not only will your lawyer know how to handle drug charges, but they will help you understand how to protect your rights when dealing with your case.