When you are injured on someone else’s property, our premises liability attorney Maryland residents trust knows that getting legal help can be very valuable when it comes time to file a premises liability claim. You may be tempted to brush your injuries off because you are embarrassed or because you do not want to make a big deal out of something. However, you may not realize just how expensive an injury on someone else’s property can be. After an accident like this, please call the attorneys at Azari Law, LLC. We want to help you after you have been injured by someone else’s negligence or intentional actions. 

Who is responsible for my injuries? 

It is not always easy to determine who is responsible for your injuries; however, when you were on someone else’s property, one of the first people you should be looking at is the property owner. It is imperative that you remember the property owner owes you and anyone else who comes on the property a duty of care. They are supposed to warn you if there are any dangerous conditions that could lead to someone becoming injured. If they do not do this, then a Maryland premises liability attorney is here when you want to call. 

What kinds of injuries can you sustain on someone else’s property? 

There are many ways that you could become injured on someone else’s property:

  • Animal bites. If an animal bites you or attacks you, then you may have a claim with the property owner. These injuries can be quite serious and it is important you seek medical treatment immediately. 
  • Slip and fall accidents. Slipping, tripping, and falling can all occur on someone else’s property if they did not maintain a safe environment and if they did not place warning signs near the dangerous areas. You could suffer from broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, or back injuries after these types of accidents. 
  • Falling items. Debris and other loose objects may fall on your head and cause you to have a brain injury or fall and suffer from other injuries. When this happens, you should always seek medical attention from a doctor as quickly as you can. 

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