Hit and Run Attorney Maryland

While a normal car crash can still cause property damage and serious injury, a hit and run attorney Maryland relies on understands that if you were injured in a hit and run accident, this can leave you with even more stress. When an accident occurs in Maryland, the drivers are obligated to stay at the scene of the crash and exchange information with one another. Or, if there is a personal injury from the crash, they need to wait for the authorities. However, if the other driver chooses to flee the scene, you may feel that you have no hope of recovering anything and you may be concerned that you will have to go through your own insurance or pay out of pocket for medical bills and property damage. To see how we can help you after you were the victim in a hit and run accident, contact our office now. 

How can someone cause an accident then flee the scene? 

Most law-abiding citizens can’t fathom why someone else would cause an accident then leave. There are very few good reasons that someone may have for fleeing a scene (they had an immediate emergency), and typically they are only thinking that they do not want to be caught. Some common reasons for fleeing after a car accident are: 

  • They do not have a driver’s license
  • They do not have car insurance
  • They want to avoid the police/law enforcement
  • They were in the middle of committing a criminal act 
  • They saw that someone was injured and did not want to be held responsible

Finding the Driver

Our Maryland hit and run attorney knows that you may be extremely concerned that we will not be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable. However, with our investigative skills and cutting-edge technology, we have been able to find drivers that flee the scene even when it seems very unlikely. Some ways to find the driver are: 

  • Tapping into local cameras that may have captured videos or pictures of the driver
  • Taking eyewitness accounts of the car or person at the scene
  • Taking note of any paint damage from their car or speaking with local body shop repair companies who have a description of the car that matches the one at the accident scene. 

We believe in getting you justice after you were a victim in a hit and run accident. To speak with our MD hit and run accident attorney, call Azari Law, LLC now.