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When you are looking for a medical malpractice lawyer Silver Spring, MD residents rely on, look no further than the trusted attorneys at Azari Law, LLC. When you have been injured because a medical professional was reckless or negligent, we believe it is important to uphold your rights and ensure you get compensation for your injuries. Although we hold medical professionals to a very high standard, that does not mean that they will not make a mistake that will injure someone. Unfortunately, when a Maryland medical professional makes a negligent mistake, it can have serious repercussions. If you have been injured and believe that it was the result of medical malpractice, please reach out to our team now. 

What does it mean to be a victim of medical malpractice? 

You may not have known you were injured right away when it comes to medical malpractice. When a medical professional makes a negligent mistake, they may not own up to it right away or they may tell you that it was simply a possibility that you should have known about. However, there are many ways that a medical professional can commit medical malpractice and it is important that you get representation from a Silver Spring, Maryland medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. 

You may want to make a claim for any of the following:

  • Errors during surgery. If you came out of surgery and believe a mistake was made, you could be dealing with severe or permanent injuries. Examples include surgeons amputating or operating on the wrong body part or even leaving medical devices in a patient’s body. 
  • Errors during birth. If a medical professional fails to give you or your unborn baby the help needed during childbirth, your baby may suffer from birth injuries such as cerebral palsy or nerve damage. 
  • Errors with prescription medication. If a medical professional prescribed you the wrong medication, failed to give you the medication you needed or gave you a dangerous dosage, this could be the basis of a medical malpractice claim. 
  • Errors diagnosing. If a medical professional diagnosed you with the wrong sickness or injury or gave you the proper diagnosis too late, you may have irreversible damage. 

Surgical Errors

Each Silver Spring, MD medical malpractice lawyer at our firm knows that one of the most common types of malpractice is surgical errors. There is always a risk in surgery – even a minor procedure – that there can be complications for the patient even if everything is done correctly, however, many of the complications that patients sustain are often the result of preventable surgical errors may be surgeons, nurses, or other medical professionals.

In many of these situations, these surgical errors are legally deemed as medical malpractice and the patient is entitled to financial compensation for the losses they have suffered. The following are the five most common types of preventable surgical errors we see in the cases we handle at our firm:

Operating on the wrong patient

This may seem like it would be an unlikely scenario, but the truth is it happens far more often than patients realize. A procedure on one patient that should have been done on another patient can occur because the patients have similar-sounding names, their medical charts were accidentally switched, or because of a clerical error.

Operating on the wrong body part

If the surgical staff do not take the proper time to verify the details of the procedure the patient is supposed to have or do not follow proper protocols, there is a high risk of the patient having the wrong body part operated on, such as operating on the right leg instead of the left. This harms the patient, who may need additional procedures to correct the mistake, as well as leaving the initial medical problem untreated.

Leaving surgical tools or other object inside the patient

The surgical team is required to account for every item used during surgical procedures yet leaving behind a tool or object inside the patient is one of the most common – and deadliest – surgical errors that occur. A Silver Spring, MD medical malpractice lawyer has handled cases where the patient has suffered great harm, including severe infections or damage to organs because the surgical team left behind a sponge, clamp, or other object inside their body during surgery.

Injury to organs or other body parts

When a surgical error is made during a procedure, the patient can suffer permanent damage or even death. One common example of this type of surgical error is perforation of the bowels. This type of error can cause serious infections in the patient. Another common error is when a surgeon accidentally severs a nerve, leaving the patient paralyzed.

Anesthesia errors

Many surgical procedures involve the patient being administered some type of anesthesia. This helps prevent sensation and pain for the patient while the surgery is taking place. Some of the most frequent anesthesia errors that a medical malpractice lawyer in Silver Spring, MD sees are:

  •       Anesthesia is administered incorrectly.
  •       The patient suffers an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.
  •       The patient’s vital signs are not monitored for signs of distress.
  •       The patient is given too much anesthesia and overdoses.

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