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So glad I decided to hire Omid.

“2nd DUI not guilty what else can I say besides Omid is one bright fellow. If I could give ten stars I would. A conviction would have destroyed me and I have to say I didn’t think much could be done but Omid encouraged me and I’m glad it was not false encouragement. Definitely the go-to lawyer around here.”

Thanks buddy

“Omid was my lawyer when I was charged with 3 felonies. He’s a really crafty lawyer and knows his stuff. From the start I felt comfortable with him and felt hopeful based on what he said. I never had to go to trial thank goodness and I’m really happy with what he was able to do. He charged much less than the other lawyers I talked to and I really doubt they could have done a better job. So yes I 100% recommend him. Thanks buddy.”

Changed our lives

“I was hit sideways by a truck while driving my family home from shopping. The pain that came a few days later was indescribable. I went to the emergency center and when I was leaving the doctor suggested that I speak to a lawyer. That was the best advise I have ever been given because that accident changed my life due to the pain and medical bills. I spoke with Attorney Azari and he very assuring that his firm could help me. As I now write, we have received a settlement from the person’s insurance company that once again created a life-changing moment. Everything about this law firm was great from the beginning to the end, and they have my respect and praise. Thank you all! “

Definitely happy

“So glad I found these guys. They got me out of a serious jam. I have to give a shout out to Ed and Omid because they both did my case. Very smooth, very smart. Plain and simple. Cheers.”

Have to be the best DUI team

“I struggled with whether I wanted to spend money to hire a lawyer for my second DUI but now looking back I obviously made the right decision. Attorney Tayter and Attorney Azari both worked on my case and I cannot even say how blown away I was at how much they know about this stuff. Super people and lawyers.”

Changed my life

“I was in an accident that was not my fault and ended up loosing feeling in my right leg. I wished I would have hired a lawyer from the start but honestly I was trying to do it myself. I can tell you now, you will get railroaded if you try to handle it yourself. I hired Mr. Azari after talking to a friend of mine and it was the best thing I ever did. I just recently got my settlement and my life will certainly be different now. I remember being really, really depressed about the whole situation because I was having trouble at work. Thank you so much Mr. Azari and your team for all of your work. It truly means the world to me.”

Excellent Lawyer w/ Great Results

“From his clean, professional appearance to his calm demeanor, Omid was not only knowledgeable but a responsive lawyer who you felt truly cared and was engaged. This proved true as he delivered results I did not think were even possible in my case. Omid charges a very fair and reasonable rate too. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Omid Azari, the Persian Johnny Cochran

“Omid Azari came through for me. I was in a situation where even though the case only involved a misdemeanor, my line of work requires me to have a clean criminal record. I could not afford to have any blemishes in my background.

Mr. Azari took the time to sit down and discuss the case with me. He explained all the possible ways that things could go, and warned me what the repercussions of each could be. After a few starts and stops, which had more to do with the intricacies of the state legal system than anything, we finally had our day in court. Despite all of the evidence that the prosecution presented against me at the trial, Mr Azari was successful in arguing my innocence.”

Happy with my divorce

“Ms. Lauren is a great lawyer and I’m glad she was one my side instead of my wifes. I really didn’t want to hire a lawyer but after she did I knew that I needed to. After knowing what I know now, she would have taken me to the cleaners. I’m telling you right now if your getting a divorce hire a lawyer!”

Thank you all so much!

“What could have been a bad divorce wasn’t actually so bad, and this is thanks to Lauren. Thank you so much for knowing what you do and fighting for me and Emily. You’ve empowered me, and I wish you the best!”

Two thumbs up..

“This man fears nothing in court I can tell you that. It felt really good knowing that he was on my side. No one else was thats for sure. Drug charges dismissed when I needed it most. Two thumbs up Omid.”

Exactly what I hoped for.

“I spoke with a few lawyers before hiring Mr. Azari and I just knew that these other lawyers didn’t care enough to dig into my case to see that it could be won. When I talked to Mr. Azari, he immediately realized what I was saying and told me that he would call me back the next day. Sure enough, he found a case that was similar to mine and was able to use it to have my charges dropped. He truly is “cutting-edge.” Thank you so very much!”

Professional and Affordable Lawyer

“Attorney Azari is professional, dedicated and knows what he’s doing. I hired him to represent my son and without getting into specifics- he ROCKED! He had the case- including all 17 charges dropped. He called us various times before the court date to go over specifics and timelines. He was very thorough. Please note: These were not petty charges. I HIGHLY recommend him and will be contacting him for other legal services.”

Job Well Done!!

“Mr. Azari is a very responsible and intelligent lawyer who represented me in a speeding and DUI Case. He was very nice to me when I first approeached him. He showed me all the steps that I had to follow for the court. On the court day, I was very nervous and he helped me feel at ease and told me what to expect for the outcomes. He was very calm and through his expertise, all my DUI charges were dropped. Moreover, he even managed to lower my speeding ticket. I would never dreamed of this amazing outcome! I am very thankful and satisfied with his service; that is why I highly recommend Mr. Azari to whoever that has legal issues.”

Lauren is wonderful person besides a great divorce lawyer

“I guess some people are lucky to have a divorce that is not hurtful but mine was not like that. My husband made it clear to me that he was going to wipe me out and put me out. I can’t even tell you how scared I was because I really thought he would do it. I found Ms. Lauren and told her about my problems and she had me come to speak with her. I immediately felt a sense of relief after learning that the law was on my side and my husband could not cut me out. Lauren is truly a wonderful, caring person and really knows her stuff when it comes to divorce. In the end she was right and my husband was wrong. Thank you!”

Very knowledgeable, and caring

“I contacted this law office because a friend of mine who was married to a US citizen was abused in different ways and her husband never filed the proper paperwork for her. I just knew there had to be a way for her to stay here because she is such a good person. I was right, and now we are on a path to get her status. From both of us, thank you so much.”

Amazing Azari!

“Azari is an amazing, affordable, and down to earth lawyer who resolved my wife’s issue in a matter of a two weeks. He clearly exceeded our expectations and earned our trust. My wife’s case was delicate and could have affected her in many wises but he managed to clear her name and save her from a lot of trouble. Again, we are extremely satisfied and pleased with the outcome !!”

Totally Satisfied

“I’ve used Omid A. Azari ‘s services on two occasions, and I was totally satisfied with his work ! Would highly recommend him”


“Few weeks ago, I got in a traffic problem in a sudden and it was affecting my job, my family live a lot. I tried to ask few lawyers’ help but they were all not available because it was weekend. Mr. Azari was the only lawyer who responded my call and gave me helps right the way. He spend his weekend time consulted with my case and guide me for correct action I should take at the earliest time. He treat me like his friend. His suggestion me that I don’t even need his service and could possibly solve the problem by myself which will get me out off trouble faster. I end up that I didn’t required Mr. Azari’s service. Even though Mr. Azari didn’t in fact works for my case but his professional and kind working attitude impress me a lot. I know in the future, if I have any legal help needed, Mr. Azari will be the first attorney I will ask for.”

…did an outstanding job

“All I have to say is if you need a Lawyer don’t hesitate to call Omid Azari and his wonderful practice members which did an outstanding job with my criminal case that carried 4 years. Went home with probation he was amazing very thorough and honest with what would’ve happened which I do appreciate and I will always have him in mind if ever need him for petty things, because I promised him and my family to never get in any serious trouble again. Thank you to you Omid and your practice.”

Life Changing

“My mom and I were involved in a car accident. I was not hurt, but my mom was pretty badly. I was referred to Azari Law by a friend of my moms who is a police officer. I spoke with two of the lawyers and they agreed that the accident was not my fault and that the other person needed to be held accountable for what happened to my mom. The process was actually not nearly as complicated as I though it would be. There ended up being no need for a trial because the person’s insurance company settled the issue. My mom was awarded a very generous amount of money and she is getting better every day. I could not have asked for a better law firm. Attorney Azari was confident, knowledgeable and did a fantastic job. Thank you all so much.” 

Great Lawyer!

“Mr. Azari represented me in a 2nd degree assault case as well as a protective order case. He fought hard for me and won both cases. These cases were extremely important as they could have hurt me professionally and hindered me from other opportunities. Mr. Azari always returned my calls within a reasonable time. He is very polished and skilled in the court room. I highly recommend him and would use him again.”

Highly Recommended

“Not to brag, but choosing Omid as my lawyer was the best decision I made. I found myself in a situation (theft issue) that I felt was unfair, and I was so upset, and felt a little lost. I looked online, like I do for most things, and I found that Omid might be the lawyer to help guide me in the right direction. He agreed to meet with me the same day I gave him a call. He was willing to listen to my concerns, and calmed me throughout the whole ordeal. He was very easy to communicate with, and always responded back to my emails/calls in a timely manner. He instill me with hope and positive thoughts of a favorable outcome, that all came true. Even after the court date, he is still there to answer any questions. I would recommend Omid’ s an attorney to anyone!!”

Omid is an amazing attorney

“Omid is an amazing attorney. Of course he knows the law, but more importantly he has great relationships with the prosecutors who will be trying your case. I had 2 drug possession charges and the prosecutors had all the evidence they needed to convict. Somehow Omid convinced the prosecutor to dismiss these charges before my trial, I was flat out amazed. If you want an attorney that will fight, hustle, and do everything in his power to get you off then Omid is your man.”

She was my strength….

“Thank you Lauren for knowing what you know and being able to do what you did for me and my family.  For anyone who might be divorcing, I highly recommend you hire Lauren. She is who you want so you don’t get taken advantage of. She was my strength when I had none. Bless you!”

..things couldn’t have went better

“I’ve hired Azari Law twice for drug charges and both times they prevailed. The second time around I honestly didn’t think I had much of a chance. Quite frankly I didnt feel like I deserved it, but had to try. Lo and behold things couldn’t have went better. Have to give a shout out to Omid and Ed for going to bat for me. Deeply appreciate it.”

…the award was more than I anticipated

“My son John was hit by a truck in Silver Spring and our lives have never been the same. You might have read about it. On the advice of a family friend I decided to get a lawyer involved right away. I met with Omid and several other lawyers and I honestly was overwhelmed. I have to say that all of the lawyers I talked to seemed to know what they were doing, but I ended up hiring Omid quite frankly because I never had any issues getting a hold of him. He took charge of the case and I was able to spend my time with my son. John’s case was settled and the award was more than I anticipated. I’d like to offer some constructive criticism but i really have none. Omid was caring, professional, timely, reachable, and most of all competent. After all that he’s done for us the least I could do is offer this review. Thank you sincerely.”

Worth every single penny!

“Got my second DUI this year and fell into a world of darkness for fear that I would lose just about everything that I’ve worked for. I spoke with several lawyers but Omid just seemed to be real about things. He told me the best case and worst case scenarios, and when he told me that he and Ed would fight with everything they had I believe him. When I was arrested I was charged with several things, some worse than others. In the end, the DUI was dropped and I was able to walk away with probation. I’m extremely grateful and recommend these guys big time.”

Day and Night Difference

“I got arrested on suspicion of burglary and I dreaded the idea of having to hire another lawyer cause the last time left a bad taste in my mouth. My last lawyer was a real sheister who talked the talk but never walked the walk. It wasn’t like that this time when I spoke with Omid and Ed I could tell they were the real deal. When I called they answered or called me back. They actually fought for me I felt and they got the charge dimissed where I only went to court one time. Shout out to these guys. Call them, they are great lawyers. “