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When you have questions regarding family law and what you should do regarding things like divorce, child support, or alimony, reach out to the trusted family law lawyer Rockville, MD relies on from Azari Law, LLC. We understand that when you are turning to a family lawyer, you are likely going through a difficult time with the people you are closest to. Especially in these situations, it can be stressful and overwhelming because you may have children to consider. We want to be there to help you when you need us most. If you would like to see what our team can do for you, schedule a consultation with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I went through a divorce and my ex-spouse never pays me on time. I always have to call just so I can see a check. Can you help?

A: This is a common problem for many people, especially when it comes to spousal support or alimony. One thing we can do is get an order for a wage assignment. This means that the court will have your employer take out a certain amount of money from your ex-spouse’s paycheck that will then get paid to you directly. You may have already set up a schedule with your ex-spouse about when this will get sent, though this schedule may change because it will be in line with when your ex gets paid, not with what the court originally stated.

Q: My ex now lives with someone. Do I still need to pay spousal support?

A: This will depend on a few things. First, is your ex in a relationship with the person they are living with? If they are simply roommates, spousal support would likely continue because the other person cannot be expected to start taking care of your ex. On the other hand, if your ex is in a relationship with this person and they are cohabitating, it likely means there is not as big of a need for your support. Our Rockville, Maryland family law lawyer has seen support reduced or cut off in these circumstances.

Q: If I lose my job, will I still be required to pay child support or alimony?

When there is a significant change in a person’s financial status, they may pursue a child support or alimony modification to the court. However, we may suggest not stopping payments unless absolutely necessary until the court approves your request for modification. We can help you complete the necessary paperwork and review it before submission to make sure you are making the strongest case for yourself as possible. The court may reduce the amount you pay or halt it temporarily until you have found employment.

Q: How long does the divorce process take?

The length of time it takes before your divorce is finalized will depend on many factors. A divorce may take years if it is highly contested and the spouses have trouble reaching divorce agreements. However, by having a family law lawyer in Rockville, MD on your side, we can help move things along quicker, especially if your ex is being anything but cooperative during this time. Sometimes, all it takes is some strategic legal intervention and strategy to coax an ex into being cordial and less combative. On average, a divorce takes between six months and a year from the date of petition filing for it to be finalized.

Q: What are the factors that determine whether alimony will be granted?

If you are the dependent spouse, you may be able to get alimony through negotiating with your ex during the divorce settlement. Otherwise, it will be the court that makes this determination based on the following factors:

  • Duration of marriage
  • Age of both parties
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Ability to obtain employment for each spouse
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Whether one spouse devoted his or her time to child-rearing and domestic duties so the other could pursue career goals
  • Whether one spouse needs time to take an educational course and training to obtain employment

Q: Is it necessary that I hire a lawyer for my divorce?

Even the most amicable divorce may require help from an experienced family law lawyer. Divorce is a complex and emotionally-charged process that can stir up many intense feelings. Not only may you be grieving the loss of your marriage, but you will then have to negotiate terms of your separation with someone you probably thought you’d be with for a lifetime. Common topics of discussion that a lawyer can help you navigate with your ex include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony (spousal support)
  • Division of marital assets and debts
  • Visitation schedule
  • Ownership of pets
  • Who remains in the family home

Q: I’m worried that my children are in danger when they visit my ex. Is it possible to stop visitation with them?

A: While courts want children to be able to see both parents if possible, if you believe that your children are going to be harmed when they visit your ex, you should speak with your attorney as soon as possible to get them out of a dangerous situation.

Talking to Your Children About Divorce

A Rockville, MD family law lawyer knows that divorce is often hardest on the children, and that is often true. Divorce is difficult for any child to go through and while many people think it is only younger children that suffer, that is not the case. Parents may think there is nothing they can do to make the process any easier, but that is also untrue. If you are going through a divorce, the following steps may help make the process easier for the kids.

Keep Your Regular Routine

When going through a divorce, you will have many deviations from your regular routine. You may have to meet with your attorney and attend settlement conferences as well as court appearances. Even with all of this going on, it is important to try and keep your schedule as normal as possible. If your children have extracurricular activities, make sure you continue to ensure they attend them, and that you do, as well. Also make sure you keep the routine the same as home, even if that is something as simple as sitting down together for dinner every night.

Create a Co-Parenting Plan

It is not uncommon for one parent to move out of the family home before the divorce process even starts, or at some point during the proceedings. In these cases, it is important to try and establish a child custody and parenting plan with your spouse. It can reduce the stress on children if they know they will continue to spend time with both parents during and after the divorce. Agreeing to a parenting plan can also make it easier to resolve this issue during the divorce. Your family law lawyer in Rockville, MD can help you come up with a fair temporary plan, as well as file the temporary order with the court, if necessary.

Do Not Bring Drama into the Home

A Rockville, MD family law lawyer understands divorce will be one of the most stressful events in your life, and it is not unusual for you to feel angry, sad, and frustrated. While you cannot put these emotions away when you walk into your home, it is important to shield your children from them as much as possible. Although it is sometimes healthy for your children to see that you experience these emotions and that you work through them in a healthy manner, you certainly do not want them to take over every interaction with your children.

Talk to Your Children

Your children are going to have questions about the divorce, or they may simply want to talk to you about the emotions they are feeling. It is important that you sit down with them and answer any question they have and listen to the emotions they are trying to work through. Also make sure that you do not only talk with your children when you first tell them about the divorce, but throughout the process, and afterward, too.

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