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When you have questions regarding family law and what you should do regarding things like divorce, child support, or alimony, reach out to the trusted family law lawyer Rockville, MD relies on from Azari Law, LLC. We understand that when you are turning to a family lawyer, you are likely going through a difficult time with the people you are closest to. Especially in these situations, it can be stressful and overwhelming because you may have children to consider. We want to be there to help you when you need us most. If you would like to see what our team can do for you, schedule a consultation with us now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I went through a divorce and my ex-spouse never pays me on time. I always have to call just so I can see a check. Can you help?

A: This is a common problem for many people, especially when it comes to spousal support or alimony. One thing we can do is get an order for a wage assignment. This means that the court will have your employer take out a certain amount of money from your ex-spouse’s paycheck that will then get paid to you directly. You may have already set up a schedule with your ex-spouse about when this will get sent, though this schedule may change because it will be in line with when your ex gets paid, not with what the court originally stated. 

Q: My ex now lives with someone. Do I still need to pay spousal support? 

A:This will depend on a few things. First, is your ex in a relationship with the person they are living with? If they are simply roommates, spousal support would likely continue because the other person cannot be expected to start taking care of your ex. On the other hand, if your ex is in a relationship with this person and they are cohabitating, it likely means there is not as big of a need for your support. Our Rockville, Maryland family law lawyer has seen support reduced or cut off in these circumstances. 

Q: I’m worried that my children are in danger when they visit my ex. Is it possible to stop visitation with them? 

A: While courts want children to be able to see both parents if possible, if you believe that your children are going to be harmed when they visit your ex, you should speak with your attorney as soon as possible to get them out of a dangerous situation.

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