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Maryland Immigration AttorneyDo not allow yourself or a family member to be negatively affected by immigration laws. Our firm is dedicated to helping our community and its residents with their immigration legal needs. We are prepared to handle all of your immigration issues in a professional and comprehensive matter.  We understand that your immigration status controls many of your rights and we want to help you achieve those rights.

Our attorneys and staff are fluent in English, Español, Arabic, & Farsi. We can help you understand the immigration process, and determine if you are eligible for immigration relief.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney. We have experience in many aspects of immigration law, and below is a list of the most common immigration matters we handle:

  • Deportation and Removal Defense
  • Permanent Residence application based on family
  • Legal Permanent Resident Card Renewals
  • Permanent Resident application based on employment
  • Fiancé visas and consular processing
  • Political, Religious and other Asylum based cases
  • Naturalization Applications
  • Temporary Protected Status Applications and Renewals
  • Solving inadmissibility issues

Naturalization and Citizenship

Becoming a United States citizen is a great responsibility and comes with many protections and rights under United States law. There are two ways a person can become a U.S. citizen: by birth, or through a process known as naturalization.  Our attorneys are experienced in helping you obtain your citizenship. 

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To be eligible for citizenship, you must first have your green card or what is known as the legal permanent residency for a period of five years.  There are instances in which the eligibility period is shorter.   There are four general requirements to be eligible for citizenship:

  1. Must be a legal permanent resident of the United States for a required period of 3 year- 5 years;
  2. Be physically present in the United States at least one half of the required time period;
  3. Continuance presence in the United States;
  4. Must not have any disqualifying grounds such as certain criminal convictions.

Our office can help you determine if you meet all of these requirements. Once you have been found eligible to apply for citizenship, you must then pass a simple examination on the English language and U.S. history.  There are exceptions to this rule, and an experienced attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for these exceptions.

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Legal Permanent Residency Through Family

A legal Permanent Resident (LPR) Card is more commonly known as a green card.  An LPR card gives it’s owned the right to remain in the United States legally, and the ability to work.  An LPR can be obtained through a qualifying family relationship. The process can be completed within the United States, but also can be completed in different countries. 

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A U.S. citizen can sponsor certain family members to become an LPR. A sponsor can be a spouse, a parent, adult child, sibling, or fiancé. There are different categories of eligibility, and based on the category, the LPR process can take anywhere between six months to ten years.

At our law firm, we have helped many families unite, and we can help you determine your eligibility to sponsor a family member, or obtain your LPR.

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Asylum applications can be some of the most complicated cases. There are many rules that determine a person’s eligibility, most notably, the one year filing upon entry to the United States, belonging to a qualifying group.

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There are two types of asylum applications: affirmative and defensive. An affirmative application is submitted to the United States Customs and Immigration Services office. On the other hand, a defensive asylum application is submitted defensively to an immigration judge during removal/deportation proceedings.

To qualify for asylum, an applicant must prove that he/she has a well-founded fear of persecution, and that fear must be tied and due to an applicants:

  1. Race
  2. Religion
  3. Nationality
  4. Membership in a particular social group
  5. Political Opinion

If you believe you have an asylum case, consult with our office and we can help you determine your eligibility. Asylum applications are complicated, and if submitted frivolously, may result in severe immigration consequences.

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Victims of Certain Crimes and Abuse

The United States government recognizes that foreigners who marry U.S. citizen may find themselves in abusive relationships, and that some foreigners are victims of certain crimes.  In turn, the United States has developed a visa category to allow these foreigners to report the abuse of crime without fear of deportation. 

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Even if you are an undocumented immigration, you may qualify for this visa category. The process is lengthy, and some instances may take several years to complete. The requirements to qualify for this visa category are stringent and there is usually a 2 year time frame in which a person must apply. Consulting with our office will allow you to determine if you are eligible for this visa.

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Removal / Deportation Defense

The removal process can be a daunting one. It could take several years to complete, and in most instances has severe immigration consequences.  The removal process begins with the USCIS serving a Notice to Appear. One this Notice is served upon a person, they must appear in front of an immigration judge.  During the immigration court hearing, the person with the Notice has the opportunity to show why he/she should not be removed from the United States.

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Always consult an attorney before appearing in Immigration Court. Keep in mind that you must attend you immigration court hearing, or otherwise you will be ordered removed in absentia. In some instances, an immigration attorney can help you avoid removal/deportation through:

  1. Asylum
  2. Voluntary Departure: Voluntary departure is permission to leave the United States without the Immigration Judge entering a deportation order, and allows an alien to return in a shorter period of time if there is a qualifying ground.  If you are granted voluntary departure, you must comply with the order, otherwise, a removal order will be entered against you.
  3. Cancellation of removal: if you have been in the United States for 7 or 10 years (depending on your legal status), a cancellation of removal will allow you to stay in the United States. Eligibility for cancellation of removal is an extensive process, and has many requirements to be met.
  4. Adjustment of Status: (Link to family based petitions): If your circumstances have changed since your arrival to the United States, you may be eligible to adjust your status. One of the most common ground to adjust status is through a bona fide marriage, through a family relationship, or an employment relationship.

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Whatever your immigration need is, we will help you. You can reach us 24/7 at (301) 362-3300, or email us for a legal consultation or to schedule an office appointment. We will help you understand the process better based on your unique circumstance. Our attorneys and staff are fluent in English, Español, Arabic, & Farsi. We are conveniently located in Laurel, Silver Spring, Rockville, and Ellicott City MD.  Rest assured that any information provided to us is completely confidential. We look forward to helping you.