Motorcycle Crash Attorney Maryland

After you have been in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle crash attorney Maryland relies on knows that there are certain things you should and should not do. It is imperative that you know what to do after an accident so that you can begin the process of recovering compensation for the injuries you have suffered from. Especially in motorcycle accidents, victims can experience serious trauma, physically and mentally, and we want to help you recover as much compensation as possible to help you get started with your life again. We know this is a difficult time for you. If you would like to reach out to our office now to schedule a consultation, give us a call now. 

What to Avoid Doing 

A Maryland motorcycle crash attorney knows that if you do not call the police after a motorcycle crash you could be seriously harming your accident claim. You do not have to call the police every time you have been in an automobile accident. That said, there are certain times in Maryland where you are required to. For example, you are obligated to call the police if: 

  • The person driving a vehicle in the crash was drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • The person driving does not have their driver’s license on them
  • Someone has been injured at the scene of the accident
  • The other driver hits you and runs
  • The other driver will not give you any of his or her information 

Remember, the police are here to help and get to the bottom of your crash. They can write up an accident report that contains valuable information that could help your claim. 

Avoid Getting Medical Help 

One of the most important things you can do after you have been in a motorcycle crash is to receive medical attention. You never know the damage that was done after an accident and seeking medical care is imperative to your health and your claim. Even if you do not leave the scene in an ambulance, it is important to have a doctor see if there are underlying injuries that could become worse. 

Do you need help after a motorcycle accident? 

If you are struggling to get legal help after a motorcycle accident and would like to see what our team can do for you, contact Azari Law, LLC to talk with our motorcycle crash attorney in Maryland now.