Slip and Falls Attorney Maryland

Slip and Falls Attorney MarylandAfter a slip and fall accident leaves you injured with bills piling up you need help from Azari Law, LLC, a firm that can offer a slip and falls attorney Maryland residents rely on. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents happen too often and many times people do not seek compensation or do not seek compensation the right way. The defendant’s insurance may argue that the slip and fall was obvious and you should have seen it coming. Because of this, you were partially or fully responsible for the accident and thus deserve little compensation. If you do not understand this area of law, you may not be sure how to argue back. Further, this can make you embarrassed or ashamed that the accident happened in the first place and you may not have the motivation to fight for bigger compensation. This is where our attorneys can help you. 

Whose fault is it? 

It’s true that in certain situations a slip and fall accident could be the fault of the person who fell. While property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property and keep it safe for visitors, if they had warning signs that there were areas on their property that were dangerous or they did not want people to go in certain places, then a reasonable person should have seen these warning signs and avoided the dangers until they were fixed. 

However, without warning signs or obvious statements that show a place is dangerous, a slip and fall accident can lead to serious injuries. Most often, a slip and fall accident is entirely preventable because the property owner could have cleaned up a wet surface, pre-treated an area that they knew would get ice, or placed lighting in a dark and dangerous area. Our Maryland slip and falls attorney knows that there are many reasons an accident like this could have occurred. 

What will you be looking for regarding this type of claim? 

We will need to show that your injuries were a result of a slip and fall accident that occurred on the defendant’s property. Further, the accident was a result of them not creating a safe place for you or other visitors to be. It is not because you tripped over your own shoes or ignored proper warning signs. Your claim may be bolstered if we find that the area has been dangerous for a long period of time or others were injured in the same way. 

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