Negligent Security Attorney Maryland

When you have been on someone else’s property and were injured because you believe security was not substantial, you should reach out to a negligent security attorney Maryland relies on from Azari Law, LLC. A type of premises liability, negligent security can mean that you are not safe when you step foot on someone else’s property. This could mean that the property itself is dangerous or that the security was so lax that someone else created an unsafe environment. Negligent security can encourage criminal activities. A property owner has the responsibility to make their property safe when they know other people will be using it. To seek help when you file a claim, call our office. 

Why does someone have the responsibility to make their property safe? 

When a person owns property that they know someone else will be using (a restaurant, a store, an apartment complex) they have the legal obligation to make sure that it is safe. This could be as simple as installing a lamp in an area that is not well-lit. For example, if you were outside a grocery store at night and had to walk to your car where someone assaulted you, the question would be this: would the assault have happened or not if there were reasonable safety measures? If the grocery store owner did not have the parking lot well-lit or the person who assaulted you knew that there were no security cameras, this may have encouraged them to use this area because they knew they would not be caught. 

What do I need to prove with this type of claim? 

Our Maryland negligent security attorney has seen many defendants try to get out of their responsibility of protecting patrons by saying our clients should be going after the person who injured them, not the property owner. While the person who injured you should also be held accountable, it is important to make sure that the property owners know they share responsibility. This can help make sure it does not happen again to another person. Property owners who bring other people onto their property must provide adequate protection for visitors or tenants. They owe them a duty of care and failing to provide this is a breach of duty. 

If you would like to learn more about filing a claim against a property owner for failing to give you security, contact our MD negligent security attorney now.