Personal Injury Lawyer Rockville, MD

When you are trying to determine the best steps for filing a personal injury lawsuit, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer Rockville, MD relies on from Azari Law, LLC. When considering a claim or a lawsuit, we understand that the next steps are not always easy. Pointing a finger at someone for causing you to become injured can be difficult, especially when you are doing this and trying to recover from your injuries. However, when you have the help of an attorney from our team, you know you are getting what you need. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure the correct procedures are followed and we have the necessary evidence. Leave the legal aspect up to us while you recover. Contact our office now. 

What is the first step?

After you have spoken with your lawyer, the first step to officially beginning a lawsuit like this is to file a complaint. This is the formal document that we file with the court that identifies all involved parties and what you are stating has happened that caused you to become injured. We will also need to serve the defendant with a copy so that they know they are being sued. 

How important are deadlines?

When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, our Rockville, Maryland personal injury lawyer knows that the statute of limitations is extremely important. In fact, you may have a fairly easy case and ample evidence to show that someone else’s negligence caused you to become injured. However, if the deadline has expired for you to file a personal injury lawsuit, then you may have no chance of bringing a case forward. Typically, you will have two years to file a lawsuit from the time your personal injury occurred or from the time you discovered that you were injured. 

What happens next? 

Usually, the next step is waiting for the defendant to respond. They may respond to your complaint by stating they admit or deny parts or all of it. Or, they may ask the court to throw out your lawsuit. 

Determining if You Have a Case 

When you have been injured in some type of accident, you may be at the point where you need to make a very important decision. You probably want to know if you should work with an attorney so that you can begin filing a personal injury claim or if you should just leave things alone without filing any type of legal claim. Understandably, after a personal injury accident, you are wondering if you even have grounds for a claim. When you call our office and speak with a trusted Rockville personal injury lawyer, you will immediately get the help you need to begin determining if you have what you need to file a claim. Want more information? Call our office. 

How do I know if I have the grounds to file successfully? 

Some people may assume that they have no case after they have been injured and we want to encourage you to take a moment to call our office before you move on from the accident. You could be left with thousands of dollars of medical bills or property damage that you have to pay out of pocket or use your insurance for when someone else (the person responsible for the accident) could be paying instead. There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself after you have been in an accident: 

  •       Did the other person involved have some kind of duty to keep from harming you? 
  •       Did the other person involved cause the accident to occur? 
  •       Did the accident specifically cause you to become injured or have property damage? 
  •       Are you left paying for this (this could be through taking your car to the shop, paying for medical bills)? 

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you likely have grounds for filing a personal injury claim. 

What will hiring an attorney do for me? 

When you work with an attorney from our firm, you are getting someone who will go over the minutiae of your claim. We will want to know every step that happened before, during, and after the accident and what each party involved was doing. We take our clients’ cases incredibly seriously and want to make sure that when you work with us you are getting the exact representation you need. We will walk you through the process when you meet with us for your first consultation.  

Common Kinds of Personal Injury Claims

In the wake of an accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure. This is completely normal. You may be concerned about scheduling a consultation with the experienced Maryland legal team at Azari Law, LLC if you aren’t sure of whether you have grounds for a legal case. After all, accidents happen, right? It’s important to understand that accidents do happen and sometimes they are nobody’s fault. On rare occasion, an accident may be someone else’s fault but the situation may not be legally actionable. However, most of the time, when an accident happens, the law protects victims’ rights by allowing them to seek recourse through insurance claims and/or personal injury claims.

Once our experienced team learns more about your situation, we’ll be able to provide you with personalized guidance regarding your options. If you’re in a position to seek compensation for your injuries, we’ll do all that we can to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation to which you’re entitled. You don’t need to know “with certainty” that you have grounds for a legal claim to schedule a consultation with our firm. Consultations are confidential and risk-free. We believe that every accident victim deserves to ask questions and to have their legal options clarified in a setting that is pressure-free. Here are some of the more common types of personal injury claims that our firm handles:

Construction Accidents – Construction firm employees are usually entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether the accident that caused them harm was their fault or not. Independent contractors are usually not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits but they may be able to sue those responsible for their harm via a personal injury claim.

Defective Product Claims – When consumer products, industrial equipment, food, and medications cause individuals harm, there is usually an opportunity to hold the manufacturers and/or distributors of those products accountable for that harm.

Medical Malpractice – Physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers are duty-bound under the law to provide their patients with a certain level of care. If that level of care is compromised and harm results, a healthcare provider may be held liable for medical negligence.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Even if you were partially at-fault for your recent car accident, as long as you were “less” at-fault than someone else involved in your crash, you can seek compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. Although many car accidents occur nowadays because drivers are drunk, drowsy, drugged, or distracted, it isn’t always easy to determine whether you were more at-fault than others involved in your collision. Therefore, don’t dismiss the idea that you might have a case before you’ve spoken to our team.

Premises Liability Claims – If you’re harmed while visiting another’s private property or while visiting public land, you may be able to hold someone accountable for that injury. Whether your child fell off playground equipment or you were assaulted in a parking garage, please speak with us about your options.

Wrongful Death – If someone else’s actions or inactions led to the death of your loved one, please call us today. We may be able to seek compensation on behalf of your family through a wrongful death claim.

Who can I turn to for legal help?

When you are dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, you want to make sure you have the right legal team on your side. Contact Azari Law, LLC to speak with our personal injury lawyer in Rockville, Maryland now.