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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Washington, DC with a man crossing a road with a car approachingAs a Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer that victims can turn to for support will share, pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable should they come head to head with a vehicle. There are several reasons that accidents of this nature can happen, and much of the time, negligent driving can be a factor. Because of this, representation can play a crucial role in supporting victims who have experienced accidents of this nature. As Azari Law, LLC can share, taking the time to find an experienced lawyer can play an integral role in assisting victims with locating an area lawyer that they can rely on.

Reasons For Pedestrian-Related Accidents

Walking is a primary mode of transportation; whether walking to work or out and about enjoying the sites of the city, it’s possible to experience an accident as a result. Unfortunately, there can be devastating repercussions when an accident involves a driver and someone walking on the street. Common reasons a pedestrian may experience an accident may include:

  • Poor Weather or Road Conditions
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving While Under the Influence
  • Driving Too Fast
  • Failure to Yield
  • Failing to Follow Traffic Signs
  • Reckless Driving
  • Fatigued Driving

Accidents where the pedestrian has fallen victim to injuries can be tragic. Victims may experience broken bones, lacerations, road rash, head injuries, and more. Because of this, damages can be substantial, and victims may face significant losses that include financial loss from medical expenses and missed time from work in addition to physical pain and emotional suffering.

Finding Representation From A Professional

As a DC pedestrian accident lawyer shares, after a pedestrian-related accident, victims may experience significant injuries, and victims stand to suffer severe losses as a result. Because a pedestrian has nothing to protect them from the direct impact of a vehicle, injuries can forever change a victim’s life. Because of this, it’s essential to take the time to consider whether legal representation is appropriate carefully. Victims have the right to seek legal compensation for their losses, and the proper way to do this is by finding a lawyer with experience in representing cases of this nature. It’s essential to be aware that there are many options available when choosing a lawyer; however, by taking the time to select a lawyer carefully, victims can be assured that they have chosen the best legal professional to represent them. Tips to keep in mind when finding a lawyer include:

  • Conduct Thorough Internet Research
  • Choose A Lawyer With Experience In Representing Your Type Of Case
  • Ask For Recommendations From Other Lawyers
  • Request References From Prospective Lawyers
  • Consider The Fees Assessed By Lawyers
  • Schedule A Legal Consultation With Potential Lawyers

In the wake of a devastating accident, victims not only need to ensure that they are focusing on their recovery, but they also need to focus their efforts on finding a lawyer to represent them and put their interests at the forefront. To learn more about how our DC, pedestrian accident lawyer represents victims, schedule a consultation with Azari Law, LLC.

Common Pedestrian Accident Myths

If you have been in a pedestrian accident, you may want to consult a Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyer. If you plan to file a personal injury claim, it is important to know the facts about pedestrian accidents. Here are some common myths that you shouldn’t believe.

  • Only high-speed accidents cause serious injuries.

This is one of the most common myths about pedestrian accidents. The truth is that pedestrians can sustain severe injuries even in accidents that occur at low speeds. For example, pedestrians could get hit in parking lots by vehicles backing out of parking spots.

  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.

Many people assume that drivers are always the ones at fault in pedestrian accidents. However, sometimes pedestrians can be to blame. Pedestrians are expected to follow certain rules just like drivers. If they fail to do that, they can be found at fault in an accident. For example, if a pedestrian just darts out into traffic without looking, he or she may be to blame for an accident.

  • Pedestrian accidents typically occur in bad weather.

At first, you might think that pedestrians are more likely to get hit by vehicles when it is raining or snowing. However, many pedestrian accidents actually occur during daylight hours and dry conditions. If drivers are distracted or speeding, for example, they can still hit pedestrians in good weather conditions.

  • Hiring a lawyer is too expensive.

Unfortunately, some accident victims shy away from hiring a Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyer because they assume they can’t afford one. However, you must understand that most of these lawyers work on a contingency fee. That means that they take a percentage of your settlement at the end. If you do not win your case, you won’t owe your lawyer any money.

  • Pedestrians who are hit in crosswalks will always receive full compensation.

Even if pedestrians are in a crosswalk during a collision, they may still not receive full compensation. For instance, if a pedestrian acted negligent in any way, such as looking down at a smartphone while crossing the street, he or she may be held at least partially responsible.

  • All pedestrians sustain similar injuries in accidents.

This is not true either. The type of injuries pedestrians sustain may depend on several different factors, such as their age, overall health and the speed of the vehicle that hit them. Some pedestrians may walk away with minor bruising and cuts while others may suffer brain injuries or spinal cord injuries.

  • Pedestrians can only receive compensation if they are struck by a vehicle.

Believe it or not, a pedestrian does not actually have to be hit by a vehicle to collect compensation. If a driver’s negligent behavior forced a pedestrian to take risky actions that caused injuries, a Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyer can still help the pedestrian pursue damages.

5 Ways A Pedestrian Accident May Affect You

A Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer can help you get some much-needed compensation for your injuries, but why should you take legal action in the first place? Many people assume lawyering up takes a lot of work – and it does – but it’s much better than suffering in silence.

Read on to see how a pedestrian accident may affect you, and get in touch with the professionals at Azari Law, LLC. to get started.

  1. Medical Bills

    It’s no secret that medical care is expensive in the United States, but do you really know how much you’ll be paying for your injuries? Medical bills can quickly stack up, first from your accident itself, and then from your post-accident care and recovery. These bills may keep coming well into the future.

  2. Insurance Battles

    You may think that you can rely on your insurance to help with your medical bills, but insurance providers don’t always have their customers’ best interests in mind. Some insurance companies hold on to your much-needed money for as long as possible so they can generate interest, so you’ll need a Washington pedestrian accident lawyer to fight your insurance company on your behalf.

  3. Lost Wages

    Your bills are one thing, but how will you pay everything off when your insurance falls short? When you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, odds are you won’t be able to clock in every day to collect a paycheck like nothing happened. This can lead to a desperate financial situation while you search for some way to pay off your mortgage, your car, and any other kind of debt.

  4. Catastrophic Injuries

    Some injuries are more severe than others. While most “ordinary” injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident can put you out of commission for weeks or months, others may change how you live the rest of your life. Catastrophic injuries require a lifetime of specialty medical care and attention, and you shouldn’t be left to pay for your own care.

  5. Wrongful Death

    You don’t need to be the one hit by a car to be impacted by a pedestrian accident. In many cases, pedestrian accidents are fatal. If a loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident, you deserve closure – especially if it can be determined that the driver of a vehicle neglected his or her responsibilities to keep other safe on the road. Fortunately, Azari Law, LLC. can help.

Washington, DC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Infographic

5 Ways A Pedestrian Accident May Affect You Infographic

Washington Pedestrian Accident Lawyer FAQs

What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents?

As a Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer from Azari Law, LLC. can explain, a pedestrian is often struck due to negligence by the driver of a vehicle. The driver may have failed to yield, hit the pedestrian when turning right but looking left, been distracted driving, under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or traveling at a high rate of speed just moments before the impact happened. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that more than 70,000 pedestrians are hurt and more than 4,000 of them are killed in pedestrian accidents every year across the nation. 

How is liability for the pedestrian accident determined?

In many cases of pedestrian injuries, it is a car driver who is responsible. When determining liability, negligence will be assessed through several factors, including whether the driver failed to yield to a right-of-way at a crosswalk, passed another vehicle who had halted at a crosswalk, was driving illegally on the sidewalk, had stopped at a crosswalk but forced pedestrians to walk around the car, and if the driver was distracted through use of their phone or something else. There are instances when other parties could have contributed to the accident, such as if there was insufficient lighting that was not working when it happened or nearby construction that hindered pedestrian space. 

Are there steps I can take after being hit?

Yes, if you or someone you know was struck as a pedestrian, then you need medical attention immediately. As a Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer knows, the chances of walking away completely unscathed from hitting the exterior of a car body is slim. Even if you are uninsured, go to the doctor the same day, call the police and have them write a report, obtain the driver’s name and insurance details, gather names from witnesses nearby, and take photographs of the accident scene in addition to your visible injuries but only if you are physically able to do so.

Do pedestrians always have the right-of-way?

A pedestrian who is crossing the road at any point aside from within a marked crosswalk at an intersection has to yield to the path of all vehicles. State law protects pedestrians by requiring that drivers always halt for pedestrians at crosswalks, always stop for pedestrians who are crossing at corners, yielding to pedestrians when they are within a crosswalk, never passing another car who has stopped at a crosswalk, yielding to pedestrians who make eye contact, observing blind pedestrians, stopping 5 feet from a crosswalk, and allowing more time for seniors or people with disability.

Who is going to provide me with the most reliable advice?

A legal professional who is experienced in handling pedestrian accidents is going to be most helpful in getting you the compensation you need based on the degree of your injury, loss, and damages. An attorney from Azari Law, LLC can review what happened, examine evidence, and then let you know if there is sufficient grounds for pursuing financial restitution against the offending driver. There are professionals out there to help you during some of the most difficult times, all you have to do is call. Please consider reaching out to our team today for the support you need. 

Washington, DC Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2021, there were 7,485 pedestrian deaths in the US. This is an increase of 12% from 2020. Pedestrian deaths account for 17% of all traffic fatalities in the US. This means that pedestrians are more likely to be killed in a traffic crash than drivers or passengers.

Understanding Washington, DC’s Laws On Pedestrian Accidents

A Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer knows that in the hustle and bustle of the city, pedestrians and motorists share the streets daily. With the rich history and notable landmarks, it’s no surprise that the streets are often crowded with both locals and tourists. Given this dynamic, understanding the laws surrounding pedestrian accidents is of paramount importance.

Pedestrian Right Of Way

In Washington, DC, pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks. Motorists are required to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, whether the crosswalk is marked or not. If a vehicle is stopped at a crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross, it’s illegal for another vehicle to overtake and pass the stopped vehicle. This ensures the pedestrian’s safety as they traverse.

Pedestrian Responsibilities

While pedestrians have rights, they also have responsibilities. It’s illegal for pedestrians to suddenly leave a curb or other safe place and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it’s impossible for the driver to yield. Furthermore, if pedestrians are crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, they must yield the right of way to all vehicles.

Accidents Outside Of Crosswalks

A Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer understands that accidents that occur outside of crosswalks can be a bit more complex when determining liability. While drivers are always expected to be vigilant and exercise reasonable care, pedestrians also have a duty not to act negligently. If both the driver and pedestrian are found to have been negligent, Washington, DC’s contributory negligence rule may come into play. Under this rule, if a pedestrian is found to be even slightly at fault for their injuries, they may be barred from recovering compensation.

Traffic Control Signals

Pedestrians must obey traffic control signals at all intersections. Unless directed by a police officer or traffic control device, pedestrians facing a steady red signal alone must not enter the roadway. If the pedestrian signal control indicates ‘Walk,’ the pedestrian may proceed across the roadway in the direction of the signal, and all drivers must yield the right of way.

Seeking Compensation After An Accident

Pedestrians injured in accidents caused by negligent drivers can seek compensation for their injuries. This may cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. It’s essential to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene, including photographs, witness statements, and a detailed police report.

Legal Expertise Matters

Navigating the aftermath of a pedestrian accident in Washington, DC can be daunting, especially with the district’s intricate legal landscape. While the laws aim to protect pedestrians, understanding how they apply to a specific incident requires expertise. If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, ensuring you have knowledgeable legal representation is vital.

Our team has a deep understanding of Washington, DC’s pedestrian accident laws. With a commitment to ensuring our clients’ rights are upheld, we provide dedicated, expert guidance every step of the way. Entrust your case to us, and let’s work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome. Your well-being is our top priority. Call Azari Law, LLC to speak with our Washington, DC pedestrian accident lawyer now. 

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A pedestrian accident can impact your life well beyond the actual accident, and if you were injured because of the actions or negligence of someone else, you shouldn’t be stuck with the bill. From medical bills to lost wages, you deserve to be fairly compensated, and the professionals at Azari Law, LLC. are standing by to help.

At Azari Law, LLC, we understand how stressful and frustrating a pedestrian accident can be. It’s not fair that you should be dealing with medical bills, stingy insurance, and worse, all because of somebody else. To learn more about how our Washington DC pedestrian accident lawyer helps victims of pedestrian accidents, call and schedule a consultation with Azari Law, LLC today.


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