Car Accident Lawyer Rockville, MD Car Accident Lawyer Rockville, MD

A car accident lawyer in Rockville, MD may not be the first thing you think about after an accident. The simple truth is car accidents cause damage and it isn’t just to your car. Often there are serious injuries that can come about when two vehicles collide. Because of a great deal of force being applied rapidly, it can cause the body to twist and bend in ways it wasn’t meant to. 

Overall there are a great number of injuries but we’ve listed the most common ones. If you or a loved one have suffered one of these injuries don’t hesitate to contact Azari Law, LLC for a free consultation about your case. 

8 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Bruises/Contusions 

No matter how minor the car accident you can get some form of bruising. The collision can slam you into your seat belt, which is doing its job of keeping you safe, but that can leave you with bruises. In most cases, a bruise isn’t a serious injury but there are times that they can be because of one. 

  • Whiplash 

When two or more cars collide in an accident often it causes your body to move in ways it wasn’t meant to. In other cases it causes your body to move at a speed it should not reach at all. In many cases, this is in the neck or back and it can be felt after a collision. It is likely that if you feel pain there it is whiplash which is the strain to your muscles and ligaments. 

  • Neck/Back Injuries

Like with whiplash the intense and rapid movements that your body goes under can cause serious harm to your body. It may not always show up in the moments of the accident but there are many injuries that can happen. There can be herniations or ruptures in the discs in your spine, or even full spinal cord injuries depending on the severity of the accident. These injuries can leave you permanently disabled or unable to work for some time. 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries 

A traumatic brain injury can change the way your brain functions, handles information, processes emotions, and just how you move. While you can recover from a brain injury to some degree it is often a lifelong process. Healing isn’t easy and it can easily change your life in ways that are unexpected. 

  • Broken Bones 

There are many ways that a broken bone can happen in a car accident. However, your whole body could be hurt in this way. While they are rarely life-threatening they can cause scarring if they break through the skin. Most broken bones can be healed without surgery but there are serious breaks that can happen. 

  • Internal Bleeding 

The force of a car accident can cause damage to your internal organs and make them bleed. Often these injuries happen in very high-speed collisions. They can also be punctured from shards of bone as well. These injuries are life-treating and need treatment immediately. 

If you or someone you love has been in an accident and suffered serious injuries then don’t hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Rockville, Maryland. Our trusted lawyers at Azari Law, LLC are ready to take your call, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.