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Car accidents can be an overwhelming situation to suddenly find yourself in. You may feel foggy and dealing with injuries, and may unintentionally make mistakes that could affect your ability to seek compensation. You may not realize that certain statements or who you’ve spoken to can have such an impact on the outcome of your car accident claim. You may end up saying the wrong thing to people that you should not be speaking to candidly. As a car accident lawyer explains, knowing what not to do after being in a car accident can ensure you do not cause problems with your claim.

Leaving The Scene

Do not leave the area of the accident until it is okay to do so. You may need to call the police, exchange information with the other driver, take pictures of damage to vehicles and visible injuries, in addition to receiving medical attention. If you drive away after hitting another vehicle, it may be viewed as a hit and run, which can result in criminal repercussions. The worst thing you can do is flee an accident, potentially leaving another driver and its passengers in need of help. Do not leave the scene until authorities have arrived and all necessary steps have been taken.

Not Calling 911

Some people make the mistake of thinking it is okay to not call the police. Regardless of how serious the collision is, always call 911. A police officer will help at the scene and also file a report of the accident, which can be influential for your insurance claim or lawsuit later on. The report will have specifics such as names and contact of witnesses, road conditions, and a factual write-up for how the accident occurred. If you do not call the police, you risk losing out on fair compensation because there was no police report and it’s now your word against the other driver’s story. 

Arguing Over Fault

Even if you believe you are at-fault for an accident, it’s possible that you are not. We can only see life unfold through our perspective, and we may not be aware of all the factors involved at the time. Upon investigation, you may find out from your lawyer that the other driver was speeding, making an unlawful turn, or other road violation, which led to the accident happening. If you argue about who is at fault while at the scene with the other driver, it may only escalate the situation. Comparatively, if you accept fault but find out later it wasn’t, it will be difficult to take those words back.

Because car accidents can be stressful and complicated, many people seek assistance from a law firm, similar to Norris Injury Law. By having a lawyer represent your accident, you can rest assured knowing someone is there to protect you and advocate for your side of the story, so that you get fair compensation for what you went through. By remembering what not to do, you are giving yourself the best odds at a claim or lawsuit verdict that is in your favor.

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