Custody Do’s For Fathers and Mothers 


What do you think of when you hear the words child custody or family lawyer? You might think of a long-drawn-out battle between parents and the fact that the court has to get involved. Custody is a tough topic and no one can deny that. No one wants to go through it either. 


That is why if you are going through it we’ve cultivated a list of what to do to help you through your custody case. While it is probably a stressful time, you have to put your children’s needs first. Any good family lawyer will tell you the same thing. 


Custody Do’s  

No matter what, through any custody battle, you have to demonstrate a willingness to work with your co-parent while also demonstrating that the child would benefit from you having custody. It isn’t an easy task but there are ways that you can prove just that. Here are some of the ways to show the courts you have your child’s best interest in mind: 


  • Stay active with your child’s education regardless of which house the child is at for the week. This is a big pitfall many parents fall into. Attend all the parent/teacher conferences and stay in contact with the teachers. Be proactive in your child’s schooling even if they aren’t staying at your house. 
  • Work with your co-parent. Even if you don’t like each other you have to show a willingness to collaborate with the other parent. This means agreeing on consistent consequences, agreeing on rewards, and just overall having an agreement to work together for your children. 
  • Respect your co-parent. It isn’t easy but you should respect your co-parent even if you don’t like them. Communicate travel plans, changes in your schedule plans to relocate, and if you have a new babysitter or romantic interest. Just being open and honest is a great way to show the courts that you have your child in mind. 
  • Always share medical information and appointments with the other parent. If the child has to see a doctor, then you should provide the other parent with that information too. Even if they don’t go. Both parents having updated medical files is important and knowing what is going on can help your child if there is ever an emergency. Knowing even minor things like shot records can be helpful.


Going through a custody battle is a difficult time. No one can say otherwise. If you are going through fighting for custody then reaching out to a family lawyer, like one at the Pacific Law Group, can help you understand more about what you can do in this situation.