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Do I Need To Retain An Attorney If I Am Getting Divorced?

It is recommended that you seek legal advice from a licensed attorney if you are contemplating annulment or divorced. You may have been served with divorce papers and need to know how to proceed. A family law attorney specializes in cases related to divorce, annulment, and other family law matters. If you retain a family law attorney then he or she will protect your legal rights and the rights of your children.


Family law attorneys stay abreast of alterations in family law at the local, state, and national level. These laws are important because they affect marital property rights, child custody rights, and family support rights. It is advisable to at least speak to an attorney if you contemplate dealing with any family law matter.


What Are The Legal Grounds For Obtaining A Divorce?

Some states have no-fault and fault based grounds for divorce. Every state has different laws concerning divorce and the legal grounds for divorce. A no-fault divorce is available to parties in all fifty states; some states have fault-based grounds as an additional option.


A no-fault divorce is a divorce in which neither spouse legally blames the other forth the dissolution of the marriage. Some common bases for no-fault divorce are incompatibility, irretrievable breakdown, and irreconcilable differences.


Some spouses may have lived separately for some particular length of time and this justifies a legal separation. Fault-based grounds for divorce may include mental cruelty, physical cruelty, adultery, attempted murder, and desertion. Habitual drunkenness, drug addiction, and impotency are also fault-based grounds for divorce.


How Are Assets Divided In A Divorce?

Spouses may divide their property depending on how they want to divide the property if they memorialize this division in a marital settlement agreement. This agreement is a contract between the spouses that divides property and debts while resolving other issues raised during the divorce proceedings. Many divorces are eventually settled without needing a judge to get involved in particular issues.


If the parties cannot agree on how to divide property then a court must determine how the property should be divided between the parties. Laws affecting property division vary across states. Some states are separate property states and other states are community property states.


Some states are community property states, such as California. In these states, marital property is divided equally unless a premarital agreement states otherwise.


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