Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls can happen in a variety of different places. These injuries can also range in severity from minor bruises to broken bones. In some extreme cases, people have even received brain injuries. Slips and falls are always something that should be taken seriously. Make sure to visit with a doctor to get checked out if you have recently been in a slip and fall accident. These types of accidents may also be able to receive compensation. That compensation is generally for pain and suffering and some other things if it can be proven that it occurred out of someone else’s negligent actions. 

How Slip and Falls Occur

Slips and falls can happen as a result of many different circumstances in many different places. One of the most common reasons is from falling on a slippery surface. Others include:

  • Handrails that are not properly maintained that may have cracks or other problems with them.
  • An obstacle on the ground or a hole in the ground.
  • Lighting that is not adequate to see an obstacle or slippery surface.
  • Lack of signage or warnings that an area is not safe to walk through.

These are just some of the more common reasons that someone may slip and fall. If you believe that your injury was caused by the negligent actions of someone else or from a property owner not providing adequate warnings, then consider reaching out to a lawyer to learn more about your potential case.

Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that a space is safe and free from potential injury hazards. If they knowingly caused an accident by not ensuring that proper warning signs were posted then they may be able to be held accountable. Nobody should receive an injury from a place or individual who knew better. Standards are required to be in place to ensure that certain areas are not accessible during certain times. For example, if someone is doing construction work on a specific part of a property then this area should be closed off to those who don’t have a reason to be there. When standards are not upheld and dangerous items or surfaces are left unattended then an injury could occur.