How To Win a Social Security Disability Hearing - Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Some people have to wait months or years before they get their day in court for a social security disability hearing. Many appeals can be won at a hearing, however, you must utilize every resource and strategy possible to help tip the odds into your favor. If you are feeling overwhelmed about a social security issue, you may want to turn to a lawyer for advice about how to proceed. 

Claimants must do whatever they can to show up and look presentable for their disability hearing. Be timely. If you absolutely must reschedule your disability hearing, only do so if you have a good reason. Otherwise, prepare beforehand and give yourself more than enough time to get to the hearing and settle in as you wait. 

How you present yourself during the hearing can show that you are taking the process seriously. You don’t have to wear the most expensive clothing you have, but looking like you put in an effort and showing up well-groomed will be important. If you appear unkempt, it may be seen as a lazy effort and mindset towards your case. Always address the judge civilly, do not raise your voice, interrupt, or otherwise be rude when speaking as this can result in a final denial of your appeal.

When talking to the judge, be forthcoming about your injury, but don’t over-exaggerate your symptoms either. Be specific, factual, and honest about how your disability has altered the way you participate in work and personal life. You may want to provide statements from witnesses or expert testimony from medical professionals who can attest to what you are going through. 

Our social security disability lawyer friends from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt would agree that the stress of a social security disability case can feel like too much for anyone to bear alone. By preparing before, learning as much as you can about the process to come, and attending looking well-dressed, it can make all the difference in the verdict.