Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It can be difficult to know what to do when you have been in a motorcycle accident. You have likely heard that you should be wary of speaking with insurance because they may try to entrap you so that you are left paying more of the bill than you deserve to pay. This can absolutely be the case, especially if you have spoken with the other party’s insurance. However, it is important to know from the start what steps you should take with insurance, whether it is with your insurance or with the other party’s insurance adjuster. Many people find that working with a lawyer can help them navigate speaking with insurance agents, especially while they are still recovering from a motorcycle accident. 

Do: Speak With a Lawyer

You may be tempted to take on your case without the help of a lawyer. However, you may quickly find that what seemed like a very clear “win” in your book is suddenly twisted into looking like your fault. With the help of a lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer from a law firm like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, they can give you an estimate of how your motorcycle accident case may turn out and help you determine the right next steps. 

Don’t: Get Too Comfortable With the Insurance Adjusters

This can be very easy to do because insurance adjusters are trained to make you feel comfortable when you are speaking with them. They will want to ask you how you are doing or feeling, what really happened the day of the accident, and to explain in detail the events that took place. The insurance adjuster will want to record the conversation and will want to use the information that you give them to bolster their argument and give you a minimal payout. 

Do: Argue For a Higher Settlement

When you work with a lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim, they will know whether the settlement offer an insurance agent makes is a reasonable offer or whether it is too low to cover the expenses you need after the accident. It is paramount that you understand the worth of your claim and that you work with your attorney to get an offer that is fair and reasonable. 

After a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to get the legal help you need, especially when you plan on speaking with insurance agents. For more information on getting started with a law firm you can rely on, set up a consultation at your earliest convenience.