A man in Cabell County has been ordered by the court to pay child support for the daughter of the man that he was convicted of killing. The 34-year-old will pay $500,000 in child support. At the time he was killed, the father of the child was reportedly paying $250 a month in child support. The killing took place in 2016 during a shooting incident, and the man responsible was convicted for voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to the maximum 15 years in prison. The judge stated that no amount of money could replace the father lost or correct the situation, and the child support was set at $500,000 with 4% interest and the funds are going directly into a trust account for the daughter that she will have access to when she turns 18 years old. The daughter was 3 years old at the time of the death of her father, and she is now 10 years old. The convicted man also pays child support for two other children, and this will simply add one more that he must pay support for. 

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It is not unusual for child support payment plans to be ordered by the court, however, it is rarer for a person to be ordered to pay support for a child that is not biologically theirs. When family law issues like these come up, a family lawyer Rockville, MD families trust from Azari Law, LLC can help work things out through the legal system to ensure that your family is protected. We have helped many families through issues like child support, child custody, divorce, alimony, adoption, and more. These can be complex legal situations and tend to be emotionally draining as well since they involve dealing with strained family relationships. Our lawyers understand that this is difficult for you and would be happy to handle the legal proceedings on your behalf so that you can focus on your family relationships, mental health, and plan for the future. Child support may be a necessity for you and your child to thrive in life, and our lawyers understand this as well as the importance of you receiving the child support you need. We will fight for your interests and work to protect you and your children using the legal system to make it finalized and legally binding.

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