Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting injured by someone else’s negligence can cause many feelings to stir up. Although some of your first feelings may be that you are scared, emotionally hurt, and even traumatized, over the next few days you may begin to feel something else. You might feel upset, mad, or even angry. This is a completely normal reaction and you should be comfortable feeling whatever emotions you need to as you begin healing physically and emotionally from this accident. However, when many people are upset, one of the first things they do is go to their friends and family on social media. Is this okay to do after you were injured in an accident? 

The Truth About Social Media and Personal Injury Accidents

Although it is completely reasonable that you would want to turn to social media after a personal injury accident, a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from a law firm like Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, LLP recommends staying off of social media, at least when it comes to discussing your injuries. Understandably, you may be thinking that your friends and family want to know how you are doing. They want to know:

  • How the accident happened
  • Whose fault it was
  • What kinds of injuries you have
  • How you are healing
  • If there is anything they can do to help

These are all completely reasonable thoughts and questions. However, if you are hoping to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party, it is important to understand that the other party may have a defense attorney or an insurance agent who can easily search through your social media profiles. 

I keep my social media private. Does that matter? 

While you may believe you are doing your best by keeping your social media profile set to “private,” this may not help you in the end. If the other party is working with an attorney, the attorney can request your social media records.

What can I do? 

If you regularly use social media, continue using it for things that do not relate to your accident. Do not post anything on the internet regarding details of the accident, your injuries, or how you are healing. If you want to update close friends and family privately, see them in person or give them a phone call. Insurance agents and lawyers can use anything you post publicly against your case. This ultimately means you may get less compensation for your injuries or you may end up losing your case entirely. If you have any questions following your personal injury accident, reach out to a lawyer today.