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After being in a truck accident and wondering if you should be looking to get compensation, you are likely searching for a truck accident lawyer Laurel, MD offers from Azari Law, LLC. We have helped many clients who have been in truck accidents where they have suffered from serious injuries and they have experienced significant property damage. When you think about truck accidents versus car accidents, it makes sense that something so large could do so much damage. While you may be thankful that you are alive after a truck accident, that does not mean you should be the one paying for your injuries and your property damage. Instead, reach out to our office to see what we can do to help you and represent you when you are looking to file a truck accident claim. Contact Azari Law, LLC now. 

What determines compensation? 

When you are the victim in a truck accident, you may think it is clear who is liable for the accident and that it should be clear who is paying compensation. However, it is up to your attorney to prove that the truck driver or a third party is responsible for the accident so that you can seek damages from the appropriate sources. There are a few ways that your Laurel, Maryland truck accident lawyer will begin determining what kinds of damages you should seek and to what extent.

  • What kinds of injuries do you have? This will play a huge role in determining what kinds of compensation you receive. Long-term or permanent injuries mean you will have higher medical bills or physical therapy bills while less severe injuries mean you may be in and out of a doctor’s office fairly quickly. 
  • Are your injuries limiting you? A broken arm from a truck accident may be limiting but only for a short period of time. If you lost a leg in a truck accident, for example, this is a permanent injury that is extremely limiting. 
  • Who is liable for the accident? It is important to determine who is responsible for causing the accident to happen. If you played a part in causing the accident, you could expect to see a smaller amount of compensation. 

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