Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes car accidents are difficult to assess, sometimes there are multiple parties and conflicting accounts of what happened. This makes having an objective third-party review of the situation even more important and more necessary. For instance, you might need an accident reconstruction expert to study the class to help determine who should be held financially liable for your damages. A  car accident lawyer, understand that securing compensation and being prepared to bring in experts to testify for who caused the accident and where liability lies is an important part of the job. Like you, your car accident lawyer is focused on covering full compensation for the damages. Your car accident lawyer wants you to move forward, and it is important to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more to help you do that.

What is an accident reconstructionist? An accident reconstructionist is a person that has an expertise in rebuilding an accident scene that helps determine what caused it. They might have expertise in reviewing a variety of accidents but oftentimes they focus on automobile accidents. These people work as engineers or mechanics and sometimes even law enforcement officers to have highly specialized training. The job is to study an accident and provide an idea of why and how it occurred and who might’ve been responsible.

Testimony from these experts might be used during a jury trial for injury victims who will file a lawsuit against the liable insurance company, it is important to note that both an injury victim and the liable driver may hire an accident Reconstructionist to prove their version of events.

But how can an accident reconstructionist help validate your claim? Your car accident lawyer would not bring somebody and he would not help to validate your claim, so be assured of that. But you might be wondering the specifics of what they do. In accident reconstruction assignees may be able to help you prove whether the outbound driver was speeding prior to the accident, you might be able to find other evidence that leads to other forms of neglect, even evidence that might contradict the at fault driver’s claims.

Accident reconstruction experts are going to review a variety of things to reach a conclusion such as photographs, damage to vehicles, eyewitness statements and much more. Their title suggests that they might be able to determine who caused the accident by rebuilding the act, engineering and other critical science to explain how it occurred and this is true. In accident reconstruction as may be needed if evidence is difficult to find, the injury victim does not recall the details of the crash, there were no eyewitnesses, there were no photos or videos of the accident, and if there is a large amount of money on the line.

Whether your case is going to require expert knowledge from an accident reconstruction will depend on the facts of your claim, and your car accident lawyer will decide if you need the help of the reconstructionist.