High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

High Net Worth Divorce LawyerEach divorce is different from another, as the people and the dynamic within the marriage are unique. But, there are certain characteristics that most people going through divorce will encounter. Couples with high-net worth divorces are going to have a particularly more challenging divorce, simply because of more assets being at stake. There are several issues to consider if you are the half of a divorcing couple with substantial net worth.

More Assets Means More To Divide

The most obvious reason why high-net worth divorces are more complicated is because there are more assets, so there’s more to fight over dividing. A prenuptial agreement can speed things up towards divorce finalization faster, but that is only if there is a valid agreement in existence. Assets that tend to be common for high asset divorces include:

  • Investments 
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Real estate holdings
  • Retirement savings and pensions
  • A business/professional partnership
  • Unique assets (jewelry, art collections)

Custody and Visitation

Couples who had children together during their marriage are more likely to have a contentious divorce, especially if they are struggling to be cordial as their separation proceeds. If your children are under legal adult age, then you will have to negotiate over custody, visitation, and alimony with your spouse. Your lawyer can help guide you through these delicate discussions in a way that protects your best interests.

A high-net worth divorce presents challenges that other divorcing couples may not. Those with high-value assets need a lawyer who is seasoned in handling family law cases, specifically in wealthy separations. If you need a lawyer you can depend on to provide insight during your divorce, then call a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer right away, such as a professional from Robinson & Hadeed.