A Best Interest Attorney (BIA) may be appointed in high conflict child custody cases to represent the best interests of the child.  The BIA will evaluate the circumstances in the child’s life potentially affecting custody such as he or she will talk to teachers, coaches, therapists and determine a custody recommendation to the Court based on the evaluation.  The BIA must complete a 40 hour course in order to be used by the Courts as a BIA.  As such, the Court relies heavily on the recommendation of the BIA to assess which parent receives custody.

One or both parties in a case may dispute that recommendation and it is up to the party or their attorney to present facts as to why the BIA’s recommendation is not in the best interest of the child.

The BIA is paid by both parties in the case typically on a pro rata basis such that if one parent makes 80% of the household income and the other makes 20%, the parent making 80% will pay for 80% of the BIA’s fees and the other parent will pay 20%.

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