An unfavorable ruling in family court regarding child support could jeopardize your livelihood or deprive your children of their needs. Because the outcome of such cases are so important and long-term, you MUST hire an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and the right of your children. With us by your side, you can rest assured that a fair outcome will be negotiated.

Considerations Made by Courts

Child support in Maryland is support given to one parent for the benefit of the child and is based on a number of factors:

  1. If there is primary or shared physical custody of the child and which parent has primary custody if that’s the case;
  2. How much the parties earn per month from all sources of income;
  3. Who pays for the child’s health insurance and extraordinary medical expenses;
  4. Who pays for the child’s work related day care;
  5. If either party is paying alimony either to the party in the instant case or to another ex-spouse;
  6. If either party is paying child support to another child not in the instant case.

These factors are taken into consideration in the child support calculations that Maryland uses called the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.  The Guidelines are almost always used by the court unless one party can show why the calculations are unjust or inappropriate in their case.  It is difficult to get the Courts to issue child support lower than the Guidelines recommendation.  However, if the parties make a combined $15,000 per month, then the Court does not need to use the Guidelines calculation and will instead set the amount of child support based on the best interests and needs of the child.

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