In Maryland, a peace order protects those who do not qualify for a protective order, but provides abused parties with similar protection to that of a protective order. The following relationship types may qualify for a peace order: non-cohabitant significant others (without child in common), co-workers, strangers, acquaintances, neighbors, and parents/step-parents/children/step-children whom the petitioner does not and has not lived with for at least 90 days within one year of filing the petition. Examples of types of abuse that may qualify for a peace order include fear of or actual bodily harm, assault, rape or attempted rape, harassment, stalking, trespass, false imprisonment, or malicious destruction of property. The qualifying act must have occurred within 30 days of filing the petition. If you have been served with a peace order, call Azari Law at 301.362.3300 today to discuss your case.