Azari Law, LLC has filed trademark application for entrepreneurs, businesses and inventors in Maryland and throughout the United States.  Our law firm is committed to assisting individuals and businesses in protecting and developing their intellectual property assets.  Mr. Azari provides sound legal counsel to startups and established businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

The focus of the intellectual property section of our practice revolves around promoting the development and protection of your trademarks in the United States by filing U.S. trademark applications regardless of the location of your business.  Our law firm also provides aggressive representation in the pursuit and defense, in all state and federal courts across the U.S., of trademark infringement claims and litigation.

Safeguarding the Goodwill Associated with Your Trademark

The unique identity of your business, product label, and goodwill constitute some of your company’s most valuable assets.  Unless you register trademarks, you might face daunting challenges in stopping unscrupulous infringers from stealing or misappropriating your good name.  Similarly, your business takes an enormous risk when you gamble with a company or product name without conducting a trademark search.  Your business may devote considerable resources and years of work only to receive a threatening cease and desist letter directing your company to change your trademark, marketing materials, and domain name.  These changes can involve the loss of enormous value in established goodwill.

Steps in Processing Your Trademark Registration

At Azari Law, LLC, we guide individuals and commercial entities through the trademark registration process to protect intellectual property created through the investment of time and capital.  We will assist with the following processes:

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Trademark Search: Mr. Azari will conduct a comprehensive common law, state and federal trademark search to avoid unwanted and costly surprises later.
  • Providing Search Results: We review the trademark search results with our clients promptly. The results are analyzed in terms of any potential risks to the successful registration of a trademark. Mr. Azari can conduct a new trademark search if the original results indicate potential conflicts with the prior proposed trademark.
  • Preparation of Trademark Application: Mr. Azari personally prepares client trademark applications and reviews the applications with clients for final approval.
  • Filing of Trademark Application: Our Maryland-based law firm will begin monitoring the progress of your trademark application once it has been filed. Mr. Azari will also respond to all Office Actions for our clients. Once the process is complete, we will also send the official trademark registration to our clients.

Stop Trademark Infringement & Protect Your Profits

Technological innovations make it increasingly easy for usurpers to copy or duplicate almost anything for a nominal cost. A successfully registered trademark can prevent an unauthorized use of your name and potential counterfeiting of your product. Azari Law, LLC can monitor unauthorized use by third parties, so we can file a trademark infringement lawsuit requesting a preliminary injunction to safeguard your intellectual property rights and discourage knockoffs before they hit the market.

Contact Us for a Free Legal Consultation

If you have trademark infringement questions or need to register a trademark, an attorney at Azari Law LLC can evaluate your situation and explain your options. We offer a free consultation via phone or in our conveniently located offices in Laurel, Rockville, and Ellicott City Maryland, so call or email us today at 301-362-3300. We look forwarding to helping you.