Truck Accident Lawyer

Recovery after an auto collision involving trucks is not always easy. Beyond the physical trauma that can occur, many accident victims suffer from psychological scarring as well. Because of the shock and potential financial woes following an accident, many victims want to settle liability issues quickly, often resulting in not getting the compensation they deserve. 

Insurance companies can become predatory in the aftermath of a collision, especially if a client is at fault. The goal of the insurer is to resolve the matter with as little publicity and financial impact as possible. Unfortunately to obtain its objective, the company will often resort to manipulative practices, placing greed and perception over human welfare.

Adjusters Are Good at Their Job

The faces of these manipulative practices are insurance adjusters. They appear friendly and non-threatening, attempting to come off as empathetic and caring, which they do convincingly and well. It is vital to remember that insurance adjusters are not your friends and they work for the company you are suing or are considering suing.

Sometimes, an insurance company will send an adjuster to make an offer even if the potential claimant shows no intention of suing. These companies do this because victims have up to two years to file a claim, depending on the state. If an insurance company can get you to accept a settlement and sign on their dotted line, they take away your ability to sue in the future, even if your medical and recovery expenses far exceed the original settlement. A truck accident lawyer may be able to assist you. 

It’s Just Business

To an insurance company, your potential claim is only a number, and one they do not want to pay. The company will do everything in its power to ensure you get as little compensation as possible. It will assign a team to scour your social media and investigate you. It will send adjusters to your home who will then try to convince you to let them record your conversations. Basically, the company is trying to catch you in a lie or trying to twist your words so the liability shifts. While it seems unlikely, too many victims have lost out on fair compensation because they made a mistake or got too casual while talking to friends or an adjuster.

You most likely will need a lawyer, especially if you suffered serious injuries. Contact a personal injury or trusted truck accident lawyer,  if you think you will need some help. If you were contacted by an insurance representative, tell them you are working with an attorney and refrain from answering any questions.