Legal Separation Lawyer

When faced with a significant relationship conflict or issue that involves factors such as finances, or child custody, you find the need for legal representation that is knowledgeable, empathetic, and experienced in handling legal separation and divorce; our legal separation lawyers will fight for you and work to help achieve a more desirable outcome for you and your family.

When divorce is not an option

Legal separation is a viable option for couples who do not wish to get a divorce. When a couple needs to settle custody, support, and property questions and are not living together, the court can make the same decisions that would be made in a divorce. The couple will also remain legally married, meaning the property division will not be considered as final. In some cases, legal separation is sought by couples for religious reasons.

Moral values

Moral values, and in many cases religious beliefs are contributing factors central to couples seeking legal separation. Some religions have beliefs against divorce; but for one reason or another, a couple concludes that living separated is the best course of action for their emotional or financial wellbeing. When this is the case, legal separation agreements may be arranged  informally between the parties or with the help of a mediator in the event of extraneous conflicts.


Just as in divorce, in legal separation, a child care program must be established so that both parties are in legal agreement of the specifics of the care of their children. In this stage of the separation process, it is of the utmost importance to maintain an open line of communication between parents and the children. Full transparency is the best policy and will ensure each child fully understands impending life changes.  

Parenting time division

In many cases, the time the child or children spend with each of the parents is divided equally, in accordance with the written legal separation agreement. Although living legally separated, each parent is expected to actively participate in the life of the child. For example, attending school meetings, communicating with teachers, or supporting their extracurricular pursuits.

Legal Separation Lawyer

Our firm is well prepared to represent clients in need of an experienced legal separation lawyer in Illinois. If you believe that legal separation may be necessary for maintaining the wellbeing of your family, and self, you may find the need to seek professional legal counsel. As separation laws vary between states, we recommend hiring a legal separation lawyer who is licensed in the state in which the marriage was consecrated. Illinois residents choose a lawyer from Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.