While conducting a DUI investigation, officers in Maryland must properly follow a set of steps in order to ensure that their evidence will be admitted during trial. At the scene of the traffic stop, the officers may ask the driver to perform field sobriety tests. If the driver fails these tests, or if the officer has other evidence of driving while intoxicated, the driver may be taken to the police station for breath or blood tests. An important step that officers cannot take out of sequence is the reading of form DR-15, which explains the driver’s rights with regard to chemical testing as well as penalties for failing or refusing the test. The DR-15 must be either read to the driver or given to the driver to read before administering any type of chemical testing. If testing happens before the driver is advised of information on the DR-15, the test results can be argued as inadmissible in trial. If you are facing alcohol-related charges, call Azari Law at 301.362.3300 to discuss your case today.