After making a DUI arrest, officers must confiscate the driver’s Maryland driver’s license and provide form DR-15A, which is both an Officer’s Order of Suspension and a temporary driver’s license. The temporary license is valid for 45 days from the issue date (or until an MVA license hearing, if requested within 10 days of the arrest). If the officer fails to provide form DR-15A, or fails to enter the issue date, then the defendant’s driving privilege status can be argued to be intact. This is because being placed under arrest and having the physical driver’s license confiscated does not equate to driving privileges being suspended. The defendant should, however, obtain the temporary license either from the police officer or from the MVA, though this can be a difficult process to handle alone. If you have been arrested for DUI, call Azari Law at 301.362.3300 to discuss your defense options.