Have you been arrested for driving without a license in Maryland? The cost of a conviction could mean more than just a fine — you could potentially receive jail time.

Read on to learn the fines and penalties for a driving without a license ticket and how a lawyer can help protect you. You can also fill out the contact form or call 301-362-3300 at any time for a free consultation with a Maryland traffic attorney.

What Constitutes Driving Without A License?
In Maryland, driving without a license is a violation of vehicle law statute § 16-101. This law states that no individual may even attempt to drive a motor vehicle without holding a valid Maryland driver’s license.

Violating this law is a criminal misdemeanor in Maryland and not a felony. However, it is still a jailable offense, even if you don’t have a criminal record.

If you’ve been pulled over without proof of a physical license but are licensed by the state of Maryland, the charges are different and usually less severe. However, you should still consult with a lawyer to make sure your rights are protected in court.

What Could Driving Without A License Cost Me?
Even if it is your first offense, a driving without a license ticket can carry harsh penalties in Maryland. You could face a fine of $500, 5 points on your license and even up to 60 days in jail.

A second offense can be even more serious. You could face a punishment of 1 year in jail and an additional $500 fine. Penalties & costs increase if you’ve been charged with additional crimes, face a third offense or have a previous criminal record.

What If My License Was Suspended Or Revoked?
Driving while suspended or on a revoked license is a different but no less serious offense than driving without a license.

In Maryland, driving while suspended fines can cost up to $1,000, up to 1 year in jail and cause your license to be fully revoked. Driving while revoked carries the same jail time & fines, not to mention making it even harder get your license reinstated.

Should I Hire A Lawyer For Driving Without A License?
Yes. Even if it’s your first offense, getting caught driving without a license in Maryland can end up on your permanent record. If you show up to court without a lawyer, you waive your right to representation and may face the maximum penalty.

Hire a traffic lawyer that knows the local court system in Maryland, including the judges and prosecutors. An experienced lawyer can fight the charges you face and work to get them dropped.

Even if you face a conviction, a Maryland traffic attorney can negotiate your sentence to “probation before judgement” (PBJ). This keeps you from going to jail or having a crime on your record.

If you already have a previous criminal record, it is CRITICAL to hire a seasoned traffic attorney, as the consequences of a conviction for a second or third offense can be even more serious.

How Can I Get Help Today?
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