If you’re facing a charge for driving without insurance in Maryland, you’re facing a serious offense. Fines are just the start — you could face license suspension and even jail time.

Read on to understand what the fines and penalties are for a Maryland driving without insurance charge and how a traffic defense attorney can help. You can also call fill out the contact form or call 301-362-3300 to consult for free with a traffic court lawyer in Maryland.

What Constitutes Driving Without Insurance?
Driving without insurance in Maryland means knowingly or unknowingly driving an uninsured vehicle, or one that does not meet Maryland’s mandatory minimum liability coverage. You can even face penalties for knowingly allowing an uninsured vehicle to be driven if you are the owner, or driving someone else’s car while uninsured.

Driving without proof of insurance (such as an insurance card) will still cause you to get a ticket you will have to fight in court, even if your vehicle is actually insured. An experienced traffic lawyer can help you prove your vehicle is insured and protect you from severe criminal charges.

What Penalties & Fines Could I Face For Driving Uninsured?
In Maryland, driving without insurance is a misdemeanor criminal citation. This means that in addition to severe fines, you could face jail time & cause you to lose your license.

A conviction on a first offense can carry 5 points on your license, a $1000 fine and up to one year in jail. If you’re facing a second offense, a conviction carries an additional 5 points, two years in jail and a fine of $2000.

If you’re also caught driving without a Maryland license and vehicle registration, the penalties and consequences add up to serious fines and jail time. You also face getting your license suspended or revoked for your first appearance in court.

What Are The Penalties For An Insurance Lapse?
Even if you just forgot to renew your insurance, you could be facing severe administrative fines from the MVA. You can be penalized with these fines even if you don’t receive a ticket for driving without insurance.

Insurance lapse penalties in Maryland may include:

  • Loss of motorist license and vehicle registration
  • Fees of $150 for the first 30 days, then $7 for every day of lapse (up to $2500)
  • A fine of $25 to get your vehicle’s registration restored
  • License plate confiscation once your registration has been suspended
  • Prohibition from registering new vehicles until insurance violations are cleared

Legal guidance may be helpful for resolving issues with the MVA and to protect you from additional fines, especially if you’re also facing criminal charges.

What If I Get Into An Accident Driving Without Insurance?
If you are driving a vehicle that is uninsured and get into an accident in Maryland, you are liable for the damages. This means the driver can sue you personally instead of seeking compensation through an insurance company.

You are also at risk of a lawsuit if the person driving your car at the time of the accident is uninsured for the vehicle and you are the owner. And if you are driving someone else’s car, you can still be arrested and charged with a crime.

Should I Hire A Driving Without Insurance Lawyer In Maryland?
Yes. A conviction for knowingly driving without insurance will result in jail time, as well as fines, points and possible license suspension. Points for a conviction in Maryland will stay on your license indefinitely.

A conviction will also appear on your criminal record which you will have to disclose during any job application process. Without an adequate defense against your charges, the consequences of driving uninsured could affect you for years to come.

Work with a traffic criminal defense attorney that Maryland’s court system, knows the key players and has handled cases like yours before. A traffic lawyer can help protect you if you unknowingly drove an uninsured vehicle, and fight your charges if you knowingly drove without the mandatory coverage in Maryland.

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