At Azari Law LLC, we recognize that your company and product names constitute assets of impeccable value and manifestations of the goodwill accrued by your business.  These assets must be protected from individuals and entities that inadvertently infringe on your intellectual property or intentionally try to steal your intangible assets.

Whether you need a trademark application submitted, an existing trademark monitored, or representation in a trademark infringement dispute, Mr. Azari provides experience protecting the intellectual property of companies of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our attorneys can work with you to navigate the trademark process by conducting and analyzing trademark searches, so we can determine the availability of the proposed logo, name, design or color of your trademark.  Our law firm can skillfully prepare and file your registration application.  After the application has been approved, we can monitor potential infringers and respond by sending a cease and desist letter.  When a letter is not sufficient, our experienced trademark attorneys can evaluate the merits of filing an infringement lawsuit in the appropriate federal or state courts.

If you need legal representation, our attorneys at Azari Law LLC provide individualized attention and high quality legal services. We are available 24/7, so contact us now at 301-362-3300 to receive the seasoned legal representation you deserve.